Communication Manager obligations 

The biggest expected measurable impact is new investors signing up for Fstage VC.


  • Main obligations
    1. Attract new investors to join us via marketing content creation (assembly) and presenting at the right time in right mediums.
    2. Collecting content from startups we work with & to broadcast it in non-paid social media channels – to convert investors.
    3. Collecting content from our mentors and investors & to broadcast it in non-paid social media channels- to convert startups.
    4. Raising public interest about what Fstage VC does and how different it is.
    5. Guide communication between new investors and founding partner to set up first interviews.
    6. Monitoring market situation and giving insights to founding partner and other investors.
    7. Design and execute the growth from current state small syndicate into internationally respectable startup fund.


  • Remuneration
    1. Measurable result is new investors transfering funds in our bank account.
    2. Everything else is considered supportive action that prepares for the main result.
    3. Fstage VC is able to pay out 1% of every successful transaction made by investor.
    4. Potential shareholder of Fstage VC at some point.


Final outcome

  • Fstage has a growing flow of right type of new investors with tickets €5-50k joining Fstage VC.
  • Monthly collected investment money is €100k-300k monthly.
  • Fstage has a growing flow of new startups signing up to start with validation program.
  • Startups know what is the process and what criteria they have to meet for the program.
  • Startups submitting their exact matching criteria pitch-decks 10-20 monthly.
  • 2-4 startups doing the validation program monthly avg.