Lucioles – HR AI, Saas

Valid problem | Disruptive approach | Painkiller| Saas | Skilled strong team


  • Why we validate
    1. Disruptive approach to solve market problems
    2. Every HR manager, every talent knows – the problem is real
    3. Operating globally, in US, Brazil, yet as HR agency, not as a Saas
    4. Market opportunity is HUGE, both in US and EU, and Asia
    5. Strong team

Company info:

  • Website:

  • Stage: Pre-Seed/Seed

  • Round size: €500k ($50k already soft-committed)

  • Valuation: €5.0M (pre-money)

  • HQ: Latin America, remote

  • Registered: Delaware, US

  • DD: will be done by Fstage VC

Company traction:

  • Details are to be revealed during and after validation period.

Fstage is open to collect additional funds from new small ticket syndicate investors. Fstage has the right, yet no obligation to collect investments up to May 31-st 2023.

Pitching event is planned to happen early in the May 2023 after lead investors have indicated willingness to invest and DD shows no significant risks.