Merry Opportunities and Happy New Startups!

by | dets. 23, 2022

We wish you happy holidays!
At the end of the year I, like most of us, am looking back at the year to find solid evidences of being worthy and mighty.
And often I find something small, yet extremely relevant that wraps up the year.
This year my wishes are: World peace! Prosperity, abundance, happy, healthy and educated youth creating better future beyond current understanding!


And since we are not there yet, I ask you to take action –
join us in funding selected 4 startups (links are below)!
We have small tickets left in promising 4 pre-seed startups – let’s have the impact!


Why we started
Balance. Considering the craziness that has been around us during last few years, a war starting out at Estonian Independence Day, one crisis following the other, the key goal has been the “balance” for me. Since my last exit in 2019 summer I’ve been operating rather at very slow pace, except the 2022. I consider myself a hard working person, yet perhaps sometimes I am over-optimising the effort in order to achieve my goals, in the end, changing my goals on the go. The ultimate goal would be doing stuff I value at my own pace, maybe 3-4hours per day. But getting there requires smart and continuous work of hundreds if not thousands of hours. Sooner we get there, better it is, as we all have got limited hours under the sun. A lesson, that I learnt the hard way sending my father away this autumn. Scarcity puts values into different perspective, makes us impatient, nervous, unwilling to risk with high stakes. Irony is that my father used to exhort me to be more calm and patient about achieving my goals. Yet scarcity also creates opportunities for many entrepreneurs, it requires us to learn and evolve faster. You might not know why I switched into an angel syndicate investing in pre-seed startups, but at one point it was inevitable. Sure, I can blame genes of my mother, a long-time teacher. Yet again, saving others from mistakes we’ve done is worth passing on, and honouring my father’s beliefs, if to do then to do it properly, everything has to have a greater good and best possible impact in it. That sort of defined the only possible way for me. As an entrepreneur I found a way to engage people in this, binding founders’ problems to raise money, if they are not so known yet, allowing mentors to monetise the immense value they bring to startups, letting small ticket investors have their impact in making the world a better place. It’s a win-win-win or nothing. Technically, it’s just another marketplace where every player may switch its role dependent on the time or scope or goal. For was 2022 like the pre-seed stage, or even F-stage, when we learnt by doing, discovering and evolving on the go. In 2023 we continue what we did great and keep on learning. I’ve always loved tough times as it pushes towards innovation.
What we learnt
Some experience life as a boring mandatory event of default that’s end is pre-determined, so it’s all about suffering the least. Some experience it as a scarce timeframe they’ve been given to learn and improve the quality of others. Some notice problems to whine about, others take it as an opportunity to fix and gain from it.
While recruiting our investors we had an idea in mind to convert every service industry person to an investor, with option to support startups via mentoring. In reality people are just people, with their habits and thinking patterns. For some, early enthusiasm replaced with cynic fiscal calculation and biased preferences. Sometimes proposed processes and concepts were forgotten and replaced by industry standards that didn’t meat expectations.
But, we don’t give up as we got plenty of proof – the setup works. We embrace investing in early stage founders and keep on manifesting about it.

Yet even greater was the surprise to receive so much support and dedicated effort from our syndicate members who carry our entrepreneurial VC values. In the end there was a certain balance that shaped the understanding of our angel syndicate VC and its concept. Nobody’s perfect (except my wife), therefore jointly we complement each other’s weak-spots and make us whole, smart, wise, big enough to have a relevant impact.

I am truly grateful for every member of our syndicate, for every nudge, question, hesitance, proposal, rejection, approval, input and funding. And there have been external people wondering what we do and how, trying to find weak-spots in our concept to improve it. I humbly admire those founders with whom we ended up working with and who’s businesses we tried to improve to our best knowledge and ability create. That is awesome brain-power we have here.

What we do

In 2022 had its first cohort. We started formalising the idea at Techcill (life changing conference for me, every year something major happens), we validated the concept at Latitude59, following legal side over the summer and we came public at Startupday. first public announcement was at Engaged Investments conference in Prague (humble thanks to Michal Ciffra, Jan Krahulik and Petr Sima from Depo Ventures for inviting me and Andreas Munk Holm from EU.VC for moderating the panel discussion).

On December 19-th we gathered at Yanu robot-bar to have our investors’ first ever physical get-together to assess our lead-mentors’ work with 13 pre-seed startups over past 2 months. Finally we picked our TOP4 pre-seed startups ForkNAV, RunProperty, Bulrby Bike, Unsinkable Robotics to continue working with. And after full DD and funding we continue supporting with paid custom mentorship up to 18 months.


Up to this point every onboarding, OKR, brain-picking, evaluation or discussion meeting was held online, engaging investors and mentors all over the globe. was designed as a global VC from the day one. We focus on Baltic/Nordic startups to take them to EU, UK, US, mainly. Exceptions are allowed to learn. We are sector agnostic, as our mentors/investors determine startups we are able to help. We try to avoid slow moving and capital intensive sectors.
What we want

World peace! Prosperity, abundance, happy, healthy and educated youth creating better future beyond current understanding!
We acknowledge, we are not there yet. This is a call to action to you! Join us to create an impact!


Jointly made investing decisions might not be the fastest or addressing the highest upsides. Yet it’s learning by doing, getting a bigger picture, raising your decisions quality, mitigating unnecessary risks. Join our investors to learn and gain. Going global is tough. Some do it from day one, some don’t get there ever. By engaging our global investors/mentors and their expertise, market knowledge we are able to learn ourselves, and bring it back to our companies, but also to support startups that we nurture, to fly higher faster, with lesser unnecessary learnings and drawbacks. Smart we gotta be, and smarter we gotta become. Just hard working isn’t gonna get us anywhere fast enough. Our joint brain-picking meetings with founders have been valuable both for founders and investors to discover and unlock potential that different markets and created assets possess. Persistence of founders backed by investors’ funds and complemented by mentors’ wisdom makes the change. Short peaks are great, yet discipline, systematic approach get it up and big. Sustainability is back in grace, yet it’s much harder to achieve these days. That only means we are to do more research to become more efficient faster at bigger scales. Small tickets generate a big impact in the end. Every great journey started from a first step, was it an idea or actually going up-stairs. I reach out to small ticket investors – join us, lets help founders to achieve their impact, together! My fiercest competition saved me, and after properly analysing our differences we were no competitors. But we wasted 10 years to eat up each other’s profits holding back our International growth. Stupid, heh? So reach out to your allegedly competitors, join forces and become stronger and faster today!
Investing is a group sport! Reach out, make friends, share worries and ideas, offer improvements and build relationships. Help other be your and their better versions combined! wishes you Merry Opportunities and Happy New Startups in your portfolio!


MIkk Orglaan
Founding Partner



Oh, by the way, out of 2022 cohort we have left some small tickets to be taken in 4 promising pre-seed startups.

The deadline is January 31th 2023. Reach out for details.