What’s in it for micro LP investor?

Active participating in validation and making decisions is too heavy on your daily schedule?
Fstage.vc syndicate investors validate target objects for the syndicate anyhow.
Once we have a validated case, you can tag along by confirming your ticket size.

Is €5k ticket too big for you to transfer at once?
What about in a year, or in 6 months or quarterly?
You can transfer your funds as low as €1k chunks monthly.

Have you ever missed good opportunities,
because you had not big enough ticket?

Have you made bad investments,
because it turned out something different than sold?

Have you realised it’s just too much of a work
to identify and invest in right startup early on?

Have you said NO because you had no time or willingness to do proper DD
you had no complimenting competencies aside you
assessing and discussing cases before an investment?

But, imagine, if you could:

1. skip the learning curve and join in letting syndicate investors do the hard job;
2. invest only in properly validated and verified startups syndicate already invests in;
3. create new income streams starting with €1k monthly investment only;

4. get on-board early, without hassle, just by confirming your will.

Fstage.vc offers validated deal-flow,
and takes care of organising & legal side.

  • We scout promising pre-seed EU startups from Baltics/Nordics, mainly, but not only.

  • We don’t believe in stories, we validate every startup for 2 months with a process.

  • Syndicate investors decide jointly if to invest €50-100k per startup. LPs can only tag along.

  • Investments are made only if we raise the minimum amount €50k per startup.

  • We complement our investment with paid mentorship to keep them on track.

  • We welcome small ticket investors with €5-50k investments.

  • We welcome micro LPs with as low as €1k monthly investments and without pre-voting rights / obligation.


If you are interested in our reasons and the founding story.


  • Obligations? Follow our emails and reply with a written decision to invest in specific target object.
    Unless Fstage is legally unable to use investor’s funds, even if transferred to syndicate bank account.
  • Opportunities to contribute? Help to avoid investing in bad founders. After investments paid advisory and mentorship roles.
  • Current setup? Syndicate, investing via loan agreements with variable interest payback, Fstage SPV1…Z OÜ registered in Estonia (EU).
    Investors lend funds to SPV, maintained by administrator, who then executes based on lenders syndicate joint decisions.
  • Time to decide? Decide today. Paperwork takes time and investing happens always too early.
  • Fstage exit strategy? Play it safe yet bold. Aim for 30%+ returns. Partial or/and full exit to VCs, Family Officies, M&A.
  • Who does the DD? Fstage VC does it to keep consistency and assure we rely on facts and evidences, not hopes and feelings.
  • Investment terms? 1x admin fee 6% and 20% carry, to maintain SPV investments over 5-12 years. 


Are you ready to proceed?

Step 1 – click on “join” button below and fill in the questions.
               We require additional confirmation about distribution of your funds to get a mandate prior every investment in startups.
Step 2 – Fstage sends you digitally signed loan agreement with detailed process description, you need to return it, signed digitally.
               We support: Estonian Digital ID, Dokobit, DocuSign.
               The agreement is valid only if both SPV board members and you have signed it. That is to protect investors’ interests.
Step 3 – Fstage receives your investment amount to Swedbank bank account, details are found in the Loan agreement.

In case of any question please send us email or connect our founding partner Mikk Orglaan via linkedin