RunProperty – real estate CRM, SaaS

Valid problem | Better approach | Painkiller| SaaS | Skilled strong team


  • Why we invest
    1. Fstage validation – passed by 2 lead mentors and voting investors
    2. Strong team, interviews confirmed exceptional founders’ background
    3. Market pull exists, current solutions are outdated, the problem is real
    4. Interviewed clients describe the product as a painkiller
    5. Market opportunity is hard but big in EU
    6. Production has clear vision about challenges and solutions
    7. Processes are ready and set to scale
    8. Ideally aimed target timely – revenue started to build up during validation and during DD
    9. Could be sustainable if required by the end of 2023
    10. All findings sorted out during DD

Company info:

  • Website:

  • Stage: Pre-Seed/Seed

  • Round size: €300k ($150k already soft-committed)

  • Valuation floor: €2.0M (pre-money)

  • Valuation Cap: €5.0M (pre-money)

  • HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

  • Registered: Estonia

  • DD: done by Fstage VC

Company traction:

  • FTE – 8.6 people in the core team, of which 2.25 are women.
  • €70k ARR and €6k MRR contracts signed as of February 2023. 
  • CAC – €300, LTV €18k (average 10 user company)
  • Clients 8+ companies with 410+ users, are based in Estonia.
  • Clients include: Piloting 30+ companies with 750+ users, based in Estonia, Lithuania and Italy, potential additional MRR €20k
  • Average monthly user growth rate for the past 6 months – 59.3%
  • Average monthly churn rate for the past 6 months – 0%
  • Monthly burn rate is net €25k for next 6 months
  • The company is actively investing into sales and product

Fstage is open to collect additional funds from new small ticket syndicate investors. Fstage has the right, yet no obligation to collect investments up to May 1-st 2023.

Pitching event is planned to happen in late March 2023.